Valerie O’Halloran is a finance systems analyst, nonprofit executive board member, community activist, 23-year Renton resident, and candidate for Renton City Council.

Valerie is a child of an Airforce family.  She was born in Germany and lived in Turkey and Japan before relocating permanently to the States when she was 10.  This early experience gave her a lifelong global perspective, appreciation for other cultures, and a passion for people.

At the age of 15 Valerie started cleaning houses after school to buy her own clothes and pay for bus fare to school.  When she graduated high school, Valerie immediately began working full time to support herself, living independently in an apartment at age 18. Without a college degree, and with the help of mentors, Valerie worked her way up the ranks during a 30-year career of increasing responsibility in the field of accounting, financial analysis, and process improvement. Ending her career as a Senior Finance Systems Analyst, Valerie has a proven record as a lifelong learner, capable self-starter, and dedicated team player.

When she moved to Renton, Valerie met her husband Michael and immediately became involved in the Renton community, spending many summers volunteering with organizations such as the Renton Arts Commission and at events like Renton River Days. For the last twenty years, Valerie has made an impact across the city, at Arbor Day planting events, shoreline cleanups, neighborhood picnics, and helping out on various community initiatives.

Valerie has served on the Board of Directors for the Renton Regional Community Foundation for nearly a decade, championing an engaged and philanthropic vision for Renton’s future. Together, Valerie and Michael are fixtures in the Renton community because of their spirit of giving back.

Valerie is experienced in thinking strategically and using data to drive decision-making.  With her expertise in financial matters and her community-minded focus, Valerie is uniquely able to bring meaningful assets to the Renton City Council.

Valerie has been a steadfast and accomplished advocate for the people and places of Renton.  As your Councilmember, she will remain a tireless champion for the spirit of Renton.